Swasthyam Podcast – EP001: What is NOT Ayurveda?


In this First Episode of Swasthyam Podcast: Ayurveda | Yoga | Health, I am trying to debunk few popular myths about Ayurveda. Few days back I did an online exploration for the topic – Ayurveda. I have come across variety of articles, blogs, forums, books, products, websites, social media posts, videos and advertisements about Ayurveda. As a part of Ayurveda community, I felt obliged to act and respond to this aberrant portrayal of Ayurveda. I want to present a different perspective of Ayurveda to you, so that you can decide for yourselves If you want to integrate Ayurveda into your life or not. Please join me in this journey to explore the true knowledge of Ayurveda.

Do you have any questions related to Ayurveda, Yoga and Health? Do you want information related to therapeutic utility of Ayurveda and Yoga in a particular disease? For any other such queries and information, please contact us or send mail to avinash@swasthyam.co.in

Music: Adi Goldstein, Rasputin1963

Assistant Professor in Dhanwantari Ayurveda College, Maharashtra, India; Ayurveda Physician, Author, Podcaster, Amateur Photographer and Blogger
  • Gaurav Naik

    Dear Dr Avinash,
    Thanks a lot for the podcast…..it will surely help all to understand the true essence of Ayurveda…. awaiting more from you….