Dairy products are so healthy, they are rich in proteins, they help build  body etc etc.are sentences we usually hear. They include milk, curds, buttermilk, paneer, khoa, butter, cream ,cheese and what not. But have you ever given a thought about the fact that even though they are from same source they show different properties and also have different digestibility even though they provide same amount of carbs and proteins and are listed under a single milk exchange. Then the question arises ‘why is it so?’Its the processing we do that gives rise to various different properties. Ayurveda samhitas describe in detail about properties of various Dairy products.

Milk is usually easy to digest and reduce vata and pitta dosha. Cow’s milk is considered as best to digest and has compatibility to all age groups. Properties of milk change according to its source also. Nowadays pure milk is very difficult to get. Increasing urbanization has decreased the quality, purity and originality of all the Dairy products.Increasing demand and decreasing yield giving rise to milk and milk product crisis have left us no choice but to eat adulterated and refined Dairy products. It is beneficial if pure indian cow milk is available, but if not something is better than nothing. Cow milk is easy to digest, on the other hand Buffalo milk is heavy. They both posses same properties otherwise. So for a child to begin with we generally introduce cow’s milk.Milk should never be mixed with salty spicy and sour food articles(fruits, salt, veggies,salted chapati+milk).
When we add some acidity into the milk, it is converted to curds.It is a highly acidic food. It feels cold but increases body heat. Many people eat curds /buttermilk in summer to feel cool.Agreed ,it feels cool, but acts hot. Ayurveda samhitas explain in detail about effects of curds on the body.Curdincreases heat, obstructs various pathways in your body and can lead to skin disorders, acidity and PCOD related symptoms. Curds should never be eaten at night.If to be ingested it should be consumed in combination with sugar, honey, amla or green gram soup.These all in conjunction with curds decrease it’s acidic properties.

Opposite in effects but similar in properties is our next Dairy product  buttermilk.Though it is also acidic in nature, the processing done on curds change its properties .The churning action on curds reduce the molecule size in buttermilk and makes it easy to digest and highly penetrating.Whenfresh and sweet it reduces Pitta/acidity. It is very good for intestinal digestion, IBS, obstructions, obesity, diabetes etc. Even when compared with ‘immortality potion’ it has some limitations too and it should be avoided in certain conditions like Throat infections, kapha disorders, cold/rhinitis and very thin persons especially at night. Buttermilk help reduce weight and keeps a healthy gut so is beneficial to increase digestive fire and reduce weight.

Next in line is butter.Pure butter extracted by traditional methods is best for voice, brain development and constipation.When taken in limited amounts it increases your digestive fire too.

Heat processing or Agni sanskar on butter makes ghee.Best for memory, voice, acidity, weight loss and many more.It is like ‘elixir of life’ for children and old age people which keeps their health at its best.It is self digesting. When medicated with specific herbs it has a capacity to acquire properties of that herb. It is this obviously used widely in Ayurveda medications.

Cheese, paneer, khoa are very heavy to digest and should be taken in moderation or should be avoided.Paneer butter masala, paneer kurma, paneer paratha are some widely eaten tasty dishes. Though very tasty and delicious is not very easy on your tummy and increase Aama. After all it is the solidified heavy portion of milk. It should also be taken in moderation. So the thing is simply this, do not blindly follow any health tips.It is not mathematics.Numerically even though they provide same nutrition, its their absorption ,property, processing and utility that makes the difference..

            “Have a Healthy Living!!”