Amazed? But its true. People with low resistance power are always suggested to increase intake of fruits for fulfillment of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. ‘An apple a day keeps doctor away’ or eating banana keeps your heart healthy are part myths. People follow fruit diets to lose weight and may end up in choked sinuses, headaches, and many more uncomfortable symptoms and feeling more sick. These people keep wondering “what am I doing wrong?”

The answer lies in most ancient Indian medicinal science  Ayurveda. Ayurveda describes in various classical treatises about different food groups we include in our diet and their effects on human body. A section of these chapters describe different types of fruits and their effects.


Which fruits should I eat?

Fruits that are grown in similar atmosphere (Desha) as yours (i.e. the place where you reside). For example apples are cultivated in cold areas like Kashmir. Eating this fruit daily in hot regions will soon increase Kapha Dosha and may lead to laziness, rhinitis, overall feeling of heaviness and other symptoms seen due to Kapha Dosha increase.

When should I have fruits?

Many people tend to have fruits after their meals. They feel it is customary to have a fruit after lunch or dinner so as to fulfill their nutritional ‘requirements’. But it puts extra load on your digestive fire (Agni), which may upset the normal metabolism over a period. You should have fruit in between meals with a minimum gap of 2 hours. So if you are having your lunch at 1:00 pm you can have fruit at 11:00 am. People who do not follow such rules, may not feel any side effect when they are young and are healthy but may lead to problems arising due to Kapha dosha increase in the long run. It includes ill effects like – Reduced digestive fire, sinusitis, laziness, increased sleep, reduced enthusiasm, asthma, cough etc.

Which fruits are healthy to eat daily?

If fruits are taken in smaller amounts they can be digested easily. Fruits like Apple, Banana, Chikoo (Sapodilla) must be taken in limited amounts as they are heavy to digest. Following is a general guideline for common fruits:

– Always eat seasonal fruits.

– Do not eat fruits after meals

– Never eat fruits and milk together. Avoid those Fruit Milk Shakes and Fruit Smoothies prepared by using dairy products. It has ill effects on the body tissue and it increases toxins in Rakta (Ayurvedic concept Dhatu similar to blood)

– Amount of Some common fruits :

  1. Apple : 2 pieces 2-3 time/week.
  2. Pomegranate : ½ cup. You can have this fruit daily
  3. Banana : 1/2 banana 2-3 times/week.
  4. Chikoo (Sapodilla) : ½
  5. Sweet lemon/orange: 2-3 and so on.


So fruits are healthy only when take in limited amounts at proper time intervals during proper time of the day and in relation to your food intake schedule. So even if ‘Eat healthy stay healthy’ is true, you should try to read between the lines which reveals a hidden fact that healthy food which is conducive to you should be taken in Proper Amount and then only you will stay healthy!

Image Courtesy: PixaBay