‘I eat fruits everyday, then why am I getting these problems then?’ Often patients ask to their physician in confused tone.Well the right answer is eating fruits is healthy only when consumed in proper amount and in proper time.If a person from indigestion keeps on filling his tummy with heavy to digest foods it would be very difficult to digest wouldn’t it??
Obviously there are many benefits of fruits when taken in good amount .They are instant energy givers , so are useful for after fever weakness.During a fever fruits should not be administered as it increases toxins or AAMA in your body.

There is also issue of which fruits you eat.Some simple tips for healthy fruit consumption are as follows:

1. Always eat fruits before meals or mid meals.Fruits are heavy to digest and can cause bloating, heaviness, burps etc
2. Try to have fruits mid meal especially between 10-11.30 around 2 hours before your meal times.
3. If the person is suffering from sinusitis, rhinitis, or indigestion consumption of fruits should be controlled and type of fruit you eat should be managed too.
4. Ancient Ayurveda wisdom talks alot about habits of food intake, their digestibility and also points to heaviness of fruits.

Fruits are second most heavy to digest food after root vegetables.It increases your Kapha dosha to great extent,so they should be consumed empty stomach. The fruit you eat should be grown in the area of your residence or stay.For example if you are living in Kashmir go for apples even daily.But if you are living in Maharashtra as apples are not commonly grown there curb the amount you consume.Some people are able to digest this all, as they have a great digestive fire and they keep it maintained through proper exercise and lifestyle.

Some easy to digest fruits are pomegranate, oranges, and sweet lemon.These also include dry fruits like raisins, apricot, and dry figs.Heavy to digest fruits are banana ,chikoo ,apple all nuts and should be especially avoided by sinusitis,fever, indigestion, and diabetes patients.They should be eaten in moderation by people with sedentary lifestyle. The choice of fruit also changes with diseases, symptoms, exercise levels and lifestyle.Its always best to talk with your consultant regarding choice and time of fruit consumption.As it is always said ‘EAT HEALTHY AND BE HEALTHY’